All the bad weather that had been forecasted for yesterday tuned out to be just a dreary, drizzly overcast day!! And this morning the sun came out with a brilliant glare making all the ice now sitting atop the piles of snow glisten and shimmer.

I had to take a walk around Vancortlandt Park today. The light was just too lovely to pass up. The trees are certainly dormant and vacant of any leaves making it possible to see the apartment buildings that stand along the edge of the parklands.

There were a few joggers and one hearty soul wearing ice gripping cleats on his hiking boots and he looked as though he’d been doing a lot of serious walk through the park. But other than those few folks I pretty much had the place to myself. I took one of my favorite jaunts off the main path and was greeted by a fluttering of brilliant red wings. Cardinals were all over the place, sitting in the sun, perched on tree limbs, flitting from one branch to another and then they all flew a way. It was really a lovely thing to see, that bright red color contrasted against the winter dormant trees.