May 5, 2007

A friend, Alan Holland, has come for a 9 day stay. He’s from California. He got in last last night and we decided to pick up a few groceries at Fairway. He’s a real camera buff and so we both took our cameras into the store with us. His camera is a snazzy job with a big lens while mine is a small hand held darling. Well the security guards saw his camera and told him that he could not take any pictures of the displays of vegetables or fruit. I had gone off by then in another direction and because my camera is so small no one saw me taking shots of the produce. He only had time to get a picture of a stack of mushrooms, a lovely photo, too. I on the other hand got some leeks and a big pile of lemons. We had a great laugh afterwords, but we still cannot figure out why the security guards in this food store was so uptight about taking these photos.


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