June 2, 2007

So we got here, the first leg of our 15 day China tour. I wanted to upload more photos but it seems that from this part of the world only one photo is allowed per blog session. And that’s not all, I am having to do all this blogging with the instructions for the blog in Chinese. That means I have to remember where the directions were located for the edit, delete and so forth. Hey, this is not a problem, when in China, need I say more!!!

And the time here is exactly 12 hours ahead of NY. Midnight here is the 12 noon lunch hour back home of the day before.

We had a 3 hour delay, standing on the tarmac waiting for other planes to come and then go. A storm somewhere in the USA had set this in motion and we just had to deal with it.

The air is New York summer like but a bit more sticky. we have a haze in the air, but we’re not sure if it’s summer haze or smog.

I’ll figure out this blog thing eventually.


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