It was another lovely day in NYC and we decided to walk in Central Park again. Going to this park is like the old saying: you can’t step in the same river twice. There is always something to notice, some times noticed again, seeing it from a different angle or viewed with an unusual shock of light you’ve never seen before or maybe something that now sits in an amazing muted shadow.I love NYEvery entrance to the park has food and t-shirt vendors. On this afternoon the New York logo garments were waving and flapping like flags in the hot summer breeze.shady walkwayDappled shadows dramatically dotted the lawns and pathways looking as though the runners and strolling visitors were being dusted with light.singerThis raucous musician who perched on the back of a park bench all day and into the evening hours was in fine voice as he entertained the tourists with his renditions of all the old Beatle tunes. bride and groomThe late afternoon light usually brings out the wedding photographers. A NYC wedding in the early part of the afternoon and then off to Central Park for the photo session before heading to the catering hall for the reception. The outcrops of rocks, the softly lit quiet pathways, the huge greenery, it all becomes the background for the newly weds and their entourage. bride's maidsThankfully these bridesmaids got a parking spot and will be on time for the photo shoot. Don’t they look pretty!sleeping kittenThis new kitty-mom brought her little one to the park for a bit of fresh air. sun worshipingThen you have the sun worshipers. All throughout the park bare skin is exposed to the sun while other people spread out in the cooler shady spots.dancing in the parkWhile walking in the park we attended a huge Summer Stage Jazz event with live music. Thousands of people attend these daily happenings. This event was a rousing New Orleans group and some people could not contain themselves once the music started. bubbles at Bathesda FountainWalking back home we passed the Bethesda Fountain. The lake was filled with gondolas and rowers. The fountain had been newly adorned with water plants and there was the magic of bubbles everywhere.bubble manFor me, the delight of the day was watching children run and squeal as they chased the ever illusive bubbles. red umbrellaCentral Park is 843 acres and takes up 6% of Manhattan’s total acreage. There are 7 bodies of water comprising 150 acres of this park. Millions of people visit here every year. Yet, there are quiet spots, little romantic nooks that could make the visitor believe they are almost alone in this busy city. In this little cove I could see a couple falling in love and deciding to make a life together.


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