Ten years ago we received our first grandchild, Devon. He was born just before a bitterly cold New York winter.

TEN YEARS AGO #1For the first couple of months Devon slept though many experiences, like his visit in February 2005 to The Gates, Central Park, New York, a 23 mile instillation of 7,503 vinyl gates created by Christo & Jeanne-Claude.

quiet timeThis year is special. Devon is now a big brother and he could not be more pleased to have a little sister. He is a gentle caring older brother.

find the babyBut he is still the same old Devon who loves to play video games, shoot hoops, and kick a soccer ball. The family dynamic has changed though life goes on. I title this photo, Find The Baby.

reaching for the lightOur new granddaughter at only a month old, has discovered light.

so tiredThough most of her time is passed with sleeping and eating.

A kissShe even sleeps through the whiskered kisses from her daddy.

An other priceless giftBut when she’s awake, watch out, here comes Dalia!


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