Summer is almost over, in fact, two weeks from now as I sit writing this blog posting we’ll be looking at the first day of Autumn . In February we started the process of downsizing and then at the onset of summer we moved into Manhattan. It feels like a year ago when all of this uprooting began.

So far I haven’t been able to settle down in our new place and get back into writing. It feels a bit like I’ve wasted time, but there’s been so much to do that writing had to take a backseat. This fall though I’m taking a travel-writing course and any day now I’m going to begin revising, “Fish Kicker” my novel in progress.

In the middle of all this tumult with the move, I’ve had a lot of fun with my blog. In fact it’s probably what kept me sane through this downsizing process, even though I haven’t posted as much as I would liked to have posted.

Today I’m sharing with you a photo essay of my last weeks of summer.

Dog days of summer. It was a hot and steamy couple of months!!

We found some relief from the heat in a lake in Upstate NY, but then we were chased out of the water by a thunder storm.

 We spent a bit of time in a quiet country place, but the heat followed us no mater where we went.

We took some relief at the sea shore, chilling-out in the ocean spray, watching the waves and wondering where the gulls went when the weather turned cold.

There were a couple of cooler days while at the ocean, when a storm blew in and rocked the fishing boats as they slipped out of the jetty.

We came back to the city and spent some time listening to musicians and walking in the humid air of the greenery in Central Park.

Always drawn to water we walked to the Sail Boat Pond where we watched toy boats slide across the murky water.

We headed once again for the Atlantic Sea Shore for one last visit to the water.

The Shinecock Tribal Community hosts a Pow Wow celebration every year on Labor Day weekend. I couldn’t resist taking up my camera and driving out to the reservation to see what was going on.

Every year at the end of August there is a profusion of Monarch Butterflies that travel along the Atlantic coast heading for Mexico. I got this photo of a particularly old looking butterfly with an extremely hairy back, perhaps a grandparent of the smaller, nervously flitting, butterflies. When you see these beauties in such large numbers you know that summer is really coming to an end.

It’s been a great year.


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